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A forum to role-play and talk about different kinds of music.
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 RPing Rules

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PostSubject: RPing Rules   Wed Jul 28, 2010 12:43 am

'Ey, foo. You wanna RP on this 'ere site? Well. I guess I can't tell you "NO". So I'll give you some guidelines, 'kay?

1.Use ( ), [ ], { }, or OCC: when not Rping.

3. Use good grammar, and try to use good spelling.I know this isnt a writing site but please use good grammer and spelling when RPing. it would help me, and the person your rping with if you used this rule ever time you rp. Thank you

-The Admin

2. There are no rules about sex. At all. Go read mine, if you want. Go all the fucking way. Oh, i also dont care about cussing, have at it!!
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RPing Rules
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